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Advanced Charka Balance​


​This powerful chakra balancing guided meditation will easily align your chakras with the simple technique in which you will be guided through each chakra, allowing energy to flow and blocks to be released. This is an exercise which can be used by anyone who needs to harmonise and balance their body's energy.

Inner Child Healing​

Our inner child is what enables us to feel magic and joy with the innocence of the heart. Within all of us there is a little girl or boy that might have felt unloved, uncared for, or misunderstood at some stage in their lives. 


This is a very powerful way to transform the hurt child within, as it brings understanding and light to painful memories of the past for transformation. It assists you to go deep within your heart, creating a space where you can nurture and love yourself just the way you are. 

Emotional Release Healing​

As we all take this journey of life, we are all offered and gifted many challenging experiences which mould and shape is into who we are today through many life lessons.


Sometimes these experiences can create trauma, as we hold and store old belief systems and suppressed emotions, imbalances can be created and eventually manifest as physical dis-ease. Through this experience we can also fragment our soul and that part of our spirit is left in that time and pace. 

Our physical bodies are amazing temples and each has an intelligence of its own that can heal itself, if we can manage to clear out the blockages from the other bodies. These blockages are also held within the cells of the physical body. The process of asking the intelligence of the body where the block is and what emotion is suppressed is a powerful process, as the body never lies.

During this process you are able to bring awareness and understanding to situations and experiences that you haven't been able to before.  You reclaim a sense of personal power, bringing love and compassion to yourself and retrieving the part of your soul that has been stuck in the past.

Psychic Reading

In a psychic reading, I am connecting with your energy at a soul level. Both your guides and mine assist in bringing through messages using intuitive senses to unlock your own inner wisdom and to help you gain clarity in any area of your life.

For bookings in Byron Bay, please contact me directly.
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