Advanced Charka Balance​

​This powerful chakra balancing guided meditation will easily align your chakras with the simple technique in which you will be guided through each chakra, allowing energy to flow and blocks to be released. This is an exercise which can be used by anyone who needs to harmonise and balance their body's energy.

Rate: $100/Session

Inner Child Healing​

The inner child denotes a semi-independent entity subordinate to the waking conscious mind. 

Many of these things are not necessarily in your day to day awareness.

Yet they come up at times and you feel a great sadness, and an awareness that they need resolution.

By releasing the anxiety associated with the past, and the time when you were too young to have any control over your life, you can allow joy to flow in your life

Rate: $100/Session

Soul Retrieval Healing

Soul is the part of us that goes on without our body, even though it is held by our body now. Soul is the energy to follow our passions, that connects to a higher purpose. Soul is a mind that is clear of complaint, doubt and worry. It is able to make clear choices moment to moment without thinking about it.

The soul can be free or it can be imprisoned by the ego. Spiritual Healing help us free our soul.

Soul can also leave the body during times of stress and trauma. This is what we call soul loss.

Rate: $100/Session

Mediumship and Psychic Reading

Psychic readings regarding relationships, twin flames, finances, career, health or anything you want guidance on.  Connecting with loved ones that have passed or spirit guides to bring through healing messages.


$60/half hour

$100/full hour

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